To make a claim you should contact IRT Insurance immediately on Freecall 1800 331 215 or +61 411 703 703.
We are available for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

We are committed to providing a high quality claims handling service through the fair and timely resolution of claims.
The claims service we provide to you is of the utmost importance to us.  After all, this is how an insurance company displays the value and efficiency of its product and services. This is our commitment to you;

Don’t forget to:

  • Report any accidents, sicknesses, injuries and deaths to us as soon as possible.
  • Contact IRT Insurance for permission prior to any surgical procedures and prior to euthanasia, unless a licenced Veterinarian certifies that the suffering was incurable and so excessive that immediate destruction was needed for humane reasons.
  • Make arrangements for a post mortem if required.  Please do not remove or bury your horse prior to receiving our consent.
  • At your own expense and within 48 hours or such time as IRT Insurance may agree, provide a written statement containing all particulars and details of the horse(s).
  • Call the police in the case of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement.
  • Bring these procedures and phone numbers to the attention of anyone having care, custody and control of your horse.  Failure to comply may jeopardise your coverage.


Notify us immediately, follow Veterinary advice, and keep us updated if the condition worsens. We will guide you through this process.  Then provide us with a copy of any vet reports following the accident or illness.

Contact us immediately, and follow your Veterinarians advice. Your vet will determine whether the horse needs to be Euthanised for humane destruction.

If you have the unfortunate circumstance that your horse is found dead, you are required to give notice to us immediately.  You will need to have a Vet examine the horse and if a positive explanation for the death cannot be found then, at your own expense, a post-mortem examination must be made by a Vet.  This report should then be forwarded to us as soon as available and no later than 21 days after the death of the animal.

Upon the death of an animal you should notify us immediately, we will then forward to you a claim declaration form.  This form needs to be completed by yourself and returned to us along with any Veterinary reports.  Once we have received your claim documents and they have been processed and accepted we will send you a release form.  Upon receipt of your completed release form we will release funds to you.

If you have the Emergency Surgery or Colic Surgery extension added to your policy and your horse requires Lifesaving surgery, you should contact us immediately, and where possible PRIOR to any surgery so that we can guide you through the process.  After the surgery has been completed, provide us with a copy of the discharge veterinary reports and invoices specific to the hospitalisation and we can present those to the Underwriter for their consideration.

Usually claims are settled within 14 days of receiving all the required documentation.

No.  The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has made provision for the GST component of claims on the basis that the purpose of insurance is to put you in the same position after the claim as before.