Please call our office on Toll free 1800 331 215 to speak to one of our specialist consultants.  They can take all of your details and send you a Cover Note with an application form and health documents to return to us.  Alternatively you can select “Get a Quote” on the top of any page. In some instances you can receive a quote and apply for cover instantly online.

Your application form is the basis of the contract that you have with us and the Underwriter.  This form provides vital information regarding your personal contact details, the ownership details of the horse, the use of the animal and other relevant information in relation to Stallions, Broodmares, Foals and Racehorses.

When completing your application form your “Duty to take reasonable care not to make misrepresentation” should be foremost in your mind.  It is important to complete the Application form in full, including the horses Name (or Pedigree if unnamed), purchase price and date of purchase, and provide a justification of value if your requested Sum Insured exceeds the purchase price paid for the horse.

Providing full disclosure of all information at the start of the policy year will help to expedite any claim that may occur during that policy period.

Your Insurance policy is placed with Canopius US Insurance, Inc.

A Veterinary Certificate is required at the inception of each policy year for any of the following;

  • horses aged 15 years and over
  • foals under 6 months of age
  • Stallions with a Permanent Infertility option attached to their policy
  • horses with a Permanent Disability option attached to their policy
  • horses where there has been notification of an accident, illness or disease in the past 12 months.

A Veterinary Certificate is also required for any New Business with a Sum Insured value of over $25,000AUD and any Renewed Business with a Sum Insured value of over $100,000AUD.

A Veterinary Certificate should be completed by a Registered Equine Veterinarian, it should clearly describe the horse giving note of brands and/or markings and be completed no more than 30 days prior to the inception date of the Policy.  We recommend asking your Vet use an Equine Veterinarians Australia standard Certificate of Examination for Mortality Insurance purposes form.

A foal can be insured at 24hrs after birth if a satisfactory Veterinary Certificate is received confirming it is in good health.

Visit our foals page for more information.

We accept coverage for horses up until the age of 17.

At the time of placing the policy we would consider many variables in order to establish a ‘Current Market Value’, eg: purchase price, breeding, race records, competition results etc.

Yes.  Syndication is now a very regular form of ownership and each individual shareholder can insured each share separately.

No.  We do not offer third party liability coverage.

No.  We do not offer any coverage for tack, equipment or horse floats.

IRT Insurance does not offer pay by the month premiums. However, we do offer Premium Funding through iQumulate where you can apply to have the premium funded, and pay this off in monthly instalments. Contact iQumulate once you have a received a quote or Cover Note from us. 1300 555 068 or

Yes, we offer International Air Transit coverage and can provide Annual insurance coverage in many countries.

Each year at time of Renewal, the Underwriter will review the “risk” (ie: your horse’s age, sex, use and value).  As part of this review they ask for a current Declaration of Health to determine whether there has been any change to the risk in the past 12 months. (ie: illness/injury, castration, pregnancy, a change of use and so on.)

The Underwriter will rely upon the information you provide to determine whether they need to adjust their Offer for Renewal which has been based on the prior years terms.

When you complete your Offer for Renewal and Declaration of Health document, your ‘Duty to take reasonable care not to make misrepresentation‘ should be foremost in your mind.  It is important you complete all the information requested in the document to the best of your knowledge. Providing full disclosure of all information at the start of the policy year will help to expedite any claim that may occur during the policy period.

Renewals are sent to each policy holder approximately 21 days prior to the expiry of each policy.  It is up to the individual policy holder to return the completed documentation prior to the expiry date.

Supply your completed Renewal Notice, Declaration of Health and Payment to IRT Insurance prior to the policy due date, and advise us of the date your Veterinarian will be out to complete the Veterinary Certificate.

We are contactable 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  By calling 1800 331 215 or +61 411 703 703 you will be able to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

If your horse becomes ill or has any lameness, an accident, injury or physical disability whatsoever you should contact your Vet to have immediate treatment.  You then need to give notice to IRT Insurance as soon as possible.

If you have the unfortunate circumstance that your horse is found dead, you are required to give notice to us immediately.  We are contactable 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  By calling 1800 331 215 or +61 411 703 703 you will be able to speak to one of our caring and friendly consultants.

You will need to have a Vet examine the horse and if an obvious explanation for the death can not be found then, at your own expense, a post-mortem examination must be completed by a Vet.  This report should then be forwarded to us as soon as available and no later than 21 days after the death of the animal.

Please head over to our CLAIMS page for more information.

No, we only insure all breeds of Horses and Donkeys, we do not insure other livestock.

No.  The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has made provision for the GST component of claims on the basis that the purpose of insurance is to put you in the same position after the claim as before.

IRT Insurance is proud of its service standards and supports the General Insurance Code of Practice.  If you have a concern about the insurance policy, a claim decision, the service of IRT Insurance or an investigator, in the first instance we have an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process in place to deal with any complaint you may have.

If this does not resolve the matter or you are not satisfied with the way the complaint has been dealt with, IRT Insurance is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA); a company specifically set up to handle any dispute or conflict resolution between consumers and insurance companies.

For further information on both our Internal Dispute Resolution and External Dispute Resolution processes please click here